Internal Family Systems Therapy

How often have you thought….. ‘part of me wants to go for a run and another part just wants to lie on the couch and eat a take away.’ ‘Part of me feels really nervous about this work presentation.’ ‘Part of me is anxious’ and so on.

IFS is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy which has been shown to be highly effective in treating depression, anxiety, trauma and phobias, resulting in a deep sense of wellbeing and peace.  

IFS is a talking therapy which works with the body and the mind, based on the idea that we are all built up of different parts of the psyche – wounded, hurt parts as well as parts that try to protect us from pain. These parts can relate to each other a bit like a family – some may get on well, while others may be in conflict.  

At the heart of Internal Family Systems therapy is the belief that there is a calm, compassionate core ‘Self’ within each of us that cannot be damaged.

We all have many ‘parts’ that help us through life and protect us. Sometimes these parts can become extreme because of our experiences in the world and it can then be harder to access the calm core Self. These parts can also make us behave in ways that cause conflict, distress or unhappiness in ourselves or those around us.

The IFS therapist’s job is to help the client disentangle themselves from their parts and access their core Self. The Self can then connect with each part and heal it. This allows the parts to let go of their extreme or destructive roles and enter into a harmonious collaboration led by the Self.

Please see the IFS Institute to find out more about IFS